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Casa Sulo has two properties, beside each other convenient if you need more space. There is even an interlocking door if you book both properties. Both properties have access to the shared outdoor swimming pool.
This lo
cation is so quiet making it ideal for relaxing. Your accommodation has everything you need, a home from home and the views are good too!

Casa Sulo is in the safe and idyllic rural village of Alombada, surrounded by eucalyptus covered mountains. We are privileged to have uninterrupted views from the apartments and our house. Although we are in the middle of nowhere, we are, however, within easy reach of the main arterial roads, A25, A29, A1. There is always plenty to see and do. Sightseeing, heritage, the seaside at Costa Nova and Barra, also shopping, you can do it all from here. Alternatively, stay on-site and walk the many routes. 

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