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Eco Pista do Vouga Cycling path:

Considered by many one of the most beautiful bike paths in Portugal, the ecopista Vale do Vouga corresponds to the old
railway track that connected the North Line, in E
spinho, to the Dão Line, in Viseu, over an extension of 140 kilometres.
Here you can cycle along the Vouga River and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have a nice stop at Paradella the old railway
station for a nice rest en have a nice meall from the ementa seminal weekly menu.

 Location: Sever do Vouga to Oliveira de Frades
 Length: 11 Km
 Difficulty: Medium

 Focus: Sport, Culture and Environment
 Advised season: All year round

Relax at Parque Lazer de Alombada:
Here you will find the peace and quietness you need in nature. This is a small nature park with a small river that wil run to
the Vouga river. The park has a walking trail along the river and is about 6km. The water that is running in the river is
cristal clear and perfect for a nice cooling dip in summer time. It is also a perfect place to have a family picknick and have
quality time together. It is a r
emote place so if you are lucky you have the park for yourselves. This park is just 1.5km away
from Casa do Cabeco or Casa Sulo and has a lot of picknick tables to sit around.

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